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At APS we have a large range of inflatable equipment as seen on our Inflatables page under "Services Provided". Our range of inflatables is forever increasing in size allowing us to ensure sufficient stock is always available to cover even the biggest of events.

Our inflatables are very well maintained, cleaned and kept to the highest standards also to ensure the display is bright, colourful and fun for the children and setting the impression we know our clients are looking for.

A Great Day Out for the Kids All kinds of Inflatables Supplied and Manned by APS

Because there are various type of event that we attend and therefore often huge differences in attendance figures we have devised a costing system that we feel helps cater for all events from the smallest to the biggest.

There are 3 different ways we supply our entertainment for you:

Option One:


Option 1 is for any event that expects at least 500 people to attend. This is a hand stamp or wrist band system where we supply between three and five staff to set up and manage an agreed number of inflatables based on the area space provided and the expected attendance figures. We then charge the children a set fee for a set amount of time in the play area (usually half an hour). Each child has a stamp or wristband on their hands so that we know who has paid to use the inflatables. At the end of the event we deduct from the takings the cost of any petrol used for the generators and staff costs then donate 25% of the profits back to you. This is our most popular option as there is no cost to you whatsoever.

Option Two:


Option 2 is for any size event but usually if less than 500 are expected to attend. Prior to an event we the client can decide what inflatables they would like to be used in accordance with their budget and we agree an overall price to hire those inflatables. This way APS inflatables are still held responsible for the Health & Safety of the play area/ inflatables and covered on the required Public Liability insurance. APS Staff are included in the fixed price and all takings taken on the gate are returned to the client therefore covering the cost of hiring us.

Option Three:


Option 3 is for those clients that feel the best option for them is to hire a few inflatables and manage them with their own staff in attendance. APS hire the equipment to you charging you daily rates per unit including a discounted amount based on the number of inflatables hired. Prior to agreeing this option APS require evidence that the client has adequate Public Liability insurance of a minimum £5m as required for standard events. Safety briefings can also be provided to the clients staff highlighting the risks and hazards to be aware of.


Our main priority is safety so for this reason we fence of all of our equipment with high visibility fencing, we use professional safety mats, ground sheets and industrial strength ground pegs. We can also supply our own generators.

All our staff will be recognisable by our company logo and telephone number worn on all of our bright yellow t-shirts. The approximate space required would be 150ftx100ft and if necessary we can always arrange a site inspection.

Adults must be accompanied by an Child at all times!!

For more information on Event Management have a look at the APS-Events Website


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