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Many of the events that APS attend have a duration of more than one day. Many of them are over a weekend and may even include a bank holiday. However long the event, there is always a lot of organisation and effort put in by everyone involved to make sure the event is something special that everyone will enjoy and want to come back to each year. At APS we help not only with the organisation but also with the overall security and access control to help make sure the day finishes as well as it started.

If You have an event that requires a team of competent staff to assist you or manage your event security then you need the APS Events Team.

We can assist you by...

Providing a team of access control staff or marshals.

Providing a team of event "Help Staff" (who will roam the event helping the public if and when required)

Providing event security staff who will be trained to recognise and control those members of the public that may wish to cause damage to property at the event or cause trouble mis-behaving.

Taking control in an emergency if one should occur. Ensuring the public are directed to safety if the emergency requires an evacuation or simple crowd control following an accident if one should also occur.

Providing clear access and egress for the emergency services and assisting them as required

Providing traffic management and car park assistants/ marshals.


Whatever your needs, APS can provide you with with small to very large teams of staff who have been trained to a high standard and are fully competent in their role.





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