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Rainy Day Activities

Few things can be more frustrating than being cooped up in the house with restless children. Whether itís only one day or a series of days, every parent should have an emergency plan for when the kids get bored. Below are some great ideas to use, or alter for your own purposes, to keep the little ones from climbing the walls. Most of the suggestions only require things most likely already in your home.

Popsicle Stick Puppet Show:

Get out the construction paper, safety scissors and Popsicle sticks. Depending on the time of year, make suggestions for characters. If itís around Halloween try bats, cats, ghosts, and pumpkins. If Thanksgiving is approaching go for pilgrims, gourds, turkeys and fall trees. Christmas will obviously merit Santas, bells, Christmas trees, and presents. Help your children (if smaller) draw and cut the sheets out of construction paper. Affix them to Popsicle sticks with glue sticks (for easier cleanup). Now all you need is and empty box big enough to put on the show. Cut a section out for your "Theater", pop some popcorn and sit back and enjoy the show. Then Moms and Dads should take a turn putting on a show for the kids!

Felt Games:

If youíve ever done a school project, chances are thereís felt in your home. Cut out a bear, girl, boy or any other character. Then make a wardrobe for all kinds of weather. This really doesnít require any skill other than a good imagination and being able to use scissors. Take turns setting the scene by describing the day, weather and time of day. Then dress your characters appropriately. Of course, being silly wouldnít hurt here. Whatís sillier than a bathing suit, a scarf, and flip flops in a snow storm?

Create A Treat:

Pull out all your goodies - mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, peanut butter, popcorn, left over candy, chocolate sauce, cookies, bread, ice cream, and any thing else you can think of. Let the kids create their own treat from the selection offered. Remember, now is no the time for a weak stomach, or to worry about the dentist. A once and a while treat bonanza never hurt anyone! Have a family vote on who created the most clever treat, then sample each otherís art work.

Jewelry Making:

Jewelry making requires very little and kids love it. Find old necklaces or beads from broken jewelry, elastic string, or even sturdy sewing thread will work. Help the kids come up with color schemes and patterns or just stand back and let them come up with everything from start to finish. If you have left over, spare, or old buttons, try letting them make button bracelets. Plain old buttons strung on thread look pretty snazzy cozied up against one another. Smaller kids will love the "music" they make when the shake their wrists.

Keep A Stash:

Above all else, have age appropriate emergency toys for rainy day occasions. Board games, coloring books, special movies, and little dollar store toys bring excitement to even the grayest day. A rainy day can seem ever worse if the family is bored and searching for things to occupy their time. With a little preparation, and advanced thought, rainy days can be as fun as sunny ones.

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